Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crazy Faith

In December 2013 when  Kylee was asked if she would like to return to Kenya. She had only been in the states a few months but when she was asked to return her heart was filled with joy. She had previously been in Mozambique, Africa for 3 months attending "Harvest School of Ministry," but during the last portion of her schooling she spent 3 weeks living in Kenya, and it was there that she fell in love.

When Kylee mention Kenya and returning it was actually my mom who gave me the idea of the possibility of returning with her. My mom knew how deeply I had desired to do oversea work and thought it might be a good option. Sure enough that was all it took for me, my heart burst with excitement, wonder, and joy within me! Just to childhood dreams becoming a reality?  For months after, Kenya was all I could like about, it consumed me. Have you ever had a dream keep you up at night! The desire to go grew so fast, even at night I would wake up filled with excitement, dreaming about the people, the environment, praying, and wondering so many things. I spent much of my time with God in these couple of months just letting him search my heart and allowing him to show me, again, my desires and dreams. Dreams of being a missionary at the age of six, dreams of traveling, healing the sick, raising the dead! I literally went through years and years of my journals searching for prophetic words over my life and finding his voice and how he had been so faithfully leading me all of theses years, wondering if this might be what he had created me to do. I had to know for certain this sudden desire to jump in faith and off to Kenya was from him because to be in his will and purpose for my life is all I want! These times with Jesus were so much fun, I began to discoverer myself again, a girl, passionate about spreading the Word of God to the nations! In God's words, as he mentioned to me, so many times in my early years of salvation, "A light in the darkness that cannot be overcome." (John 1:5) "Or a ball of fire spreading wings and filling the most desolate and broken places of the earth." He spoke theses words over me and for as long as I can remember I know that I am his light that travels into the darkest of places of the earth where the people are the most hurting and broken, that is where I long to be. I am a light, radiating the ABUNDANT love of the Father!I believe that its in places such as these that the people will rejoice and become passionate fires burning for God, because a little to us is abundance to them! 

In February I was personally was able to connect with Brittanie Richarson whom Kylee already knew.  Brittanie is a young lady in Kenya working with a ministry called "Can't Be Bought." This ministry is a project in Kenya working in four parts; education, rescue/ rehab, outreach/feeding, and sponsorship. After we talked on the phone for about an hour my excitement for Kenya grew even greater. From this point, I was in waiting again. Waiting to hear from Cassandra Basnett, the founder of the Kenya project.

 I was so anxiously excited, and nervous, and all the emotion you could possibly have in the waiting. I knew this next step could change my life forever but giving my all, my everything, living fully in trust and faith is all I have ever wanted.To be a radical, a crazy as some might call it, but nothing less than totally sold out for Jesus! But man, the wait is rough. I think one of the hardest parts of this process so far. My days consisted of much praying, many breakdowns, many phone calls to my mom, struggle, but also many encounters, and the nearness to Jesus that I will never take for granite. I knew the Lord was saying yes, yet I knew nothing was for certain upon waiting to hear from Cassandra. Although I hadn't heard from Cassandra it was His voice I followed. I began to make the necessary steps to direct my life in believing that I was going to Kenya in May. This consisted of many conversations with friends and spiritual parents, leaving jobs, and turning down new job opportunities, talking with my landlord and having new roommates set up to come, and tons of fundraising.Walking in faith, with only his voice to rely on was so difficult, yet so strengthening.   

Finally in April, after our applications were in, Kylee and I were able to have our phone interview with Cassandra. And after an hour or so, Kylee and I we were welcomed to come to Kenya!!

And now the journey begins...

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