Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Joyce

On April 18th, the day before mine and Kylee's second yard sale we decided to wake up early and go for a morning walk to Starbucks. It was a beautiful morning warm, blue skies, and we were happy. As we walked we talked, but particularly on this morning our talked consisted of  details and preparation still needed to be done prior to running another successful yard sale. This weekends main concern was, our lack of stuff,  we just didn't have too much to offer after the last weekend. 
And that's when we met Joyce!
We ended up walking into a store called "The Clothing Exchange," I had seen this store before and had always wanted to check it out. This time mainly to see if we could sell our clothes and make some money for Kenya but little did I know, God had something totaling different in mind. As soon as we walked in this blonde, spunky, and full of life woman approached us. She asked us if we needed help with anything and we only replied with our question, wondering how the store worked. She explained it all and then continued to ask why we were wanting to sell our clothing, odd considering this is why people come to the store in the first place...right.? That is when Kylee started telling her all about our plans to go to Kenya. As we talked she became more and more intrigued, asking all sorts of questions, and wondering out loud ways to help us raise money. After probably 20 minutes of chatting and after we mentioned our yard sales she perked up and said, "Well I want to help you girls! Can I donate to your yard sale!?" "Of course, please do, we would be so grateful, " we quickly replied. After we exchanged phone numbers and contact information she let us know she would be calling after the store closed at 5:00 pm to bring over clothes, shoes, and some other items. "Thank you so much!" we said as we headed out the door completely filled with joy and so excited by what God had just done, not even realizing what was coming next. 
That evening, the night before our yard sale begins, Joyce called me. "I'm on my way over, are you there?" she asked. "Yes, go ahead and stop by!" When Joyce pulled up I was not expecting at all what she had brought with her! An expedition filled to the brim with clothing of all sizes, pictures, picture frames, name brand purses, belts, hats, scarfs, boxes and boxes of shoes, a printer, a microwave, Halloween costumes, and more! She brought her son with her to help unload all the boxes and after explained that she had more and would be right back! Soon there was a second load, again filled to the brim with clothes and more! My neighbors began to slow down as they drove by, some stopped and asked about it, those who were out walking actually stopped and asked if they could buy items right now!
 I hugged Joyce and thanked her over and over for what she had just done for us. I was blown away by God! He isn't kidding when we says He will bless you abundantly and your storehouse will overflow with good things! He cares about every detail of our lives and heard our prayers and knew our needs, these things we all know so well, but to experience His love in action is breathtaking! God is breathtaking and he is for us in all we endeavor to do! We are not walking this life alone, he hold our hands and we co-labor with Christ to fulfill all God's purposed us to do!
That night was filled with sorting mounds and mounds of clothing, and trying to make room for everything. There was so much I couldn't even come close to being able to display it all in one area and when we opened that early morning people rushed in. I had to open up the living room as well as the entire garage and pavement to display everything. Then Joyce showed up again, saving us once more with her kindness. She unloaded racks and racks for us to display everything on as well as giving us more stuff, and also letting us know if we get low on stuff to call her and she can be right over with the next load! She even mentioned that if we get overwhelmed to not worry and that when it ends she and her son will come by and pick it all up agian. This women so blessed our lives with her sacrfice and hard work, and she had only known us for a whole 20 minutes prior to giving all she had to see us succeed! This is the kind of women I want to be! Thank you Joyce, who will forever be in our hearts.
By the end of this crazy weekend we had made near $1,200.00, and rather than losing any of our own stuff we gained more than we can ever repay!

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