Sunday, August 18, 2013

Five Men and Angels

Only one team left, time is going by so fast.  For the past few weeks we have had some amazing people come from different places all over the world to serve and hang out with us. I miss Joy Smith and Nancy, who were here on the last week of July spending endless hours pouring into us and loving on us well. I am so thankful for those beautiful women of God who were like mommas to me while they were here. 
I already miss the San Diego team and they just left yesterday! They were amazing men and women of God, full of fire, love and joy! It has been amazing just being able to see them all everyday and hanging out. We are definitely going to be friends for a long time, and I already want to plan a trip to go visit them!
I am so grateful to still have Iris, Harvest School, team here!  I am honored to serve with them and as I learn about them and hear some of the testimonies I am undone by the goodness of God. I was just hanging out with the team from Iris as they allowed me to sit with them as a couple team members shared their testimonies and the presence of God is so thick on me still, my heart is beating out of my chest with love for Jesus.
I just want to say thank you so much to all of you who put your lives on hold to come and serve Kenya! What you have done here has been awesome and the seeds you have sown will reap a bountiful harvest! I love you all!

Amazing Story
A few of days ago all of us sat in our prayer room located above the brothel, worshiping and praying and just drawing closer to Jesus. During this time one of the girls from Iris team saw what looked to be like a big bright, white light come into the room. She said that it came and sat right in the middle of the room and then it suddenly started flowing and going out of the open door in the room. After a couple hours Bre , another missionary here, walked into the room and began to share with us an amazing story.  She said that as she arrived five men were standing right underneath our door staring up in awe. She ended up talking with them and found out that they were pimps/ johns and that they were just walking by on their way home after their busy night of work.  They planned on just passing by but as they looked up at our open door and heard the music they saw what looked to be light flowing from the room. Mesmerized by the light they stayed watching until suddenly they watched as the light flowed down to them and suddenly became big spiritual beings glowing white, and these beings began to tell them about the love of God! The angels began to tell them about how much God loves them and that God wasn’t looking at all their sin but that He wants them just as they are! The men told Bre that they never knew all those things about God and they had no idea how much He loved them! Even as they finally began to walk away they continued to make comments like, “Did you see how big they were!” and “I had no idea God was so good!”

That’s one way to stop prostitution! Worship and let the angels do the ministering! Hahaha! I am so filled with joy and so in awe as I think about how much bigger God is than my own mind can conceive! God totally amazes me! Thank you Daddy God for sending your angels to minister your goodness to those men! Thank you Daddy God for their lives! I can only imagine the party in heaven that happened as those five pimps confessed the goodness of God! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!

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