Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Glimpse of His Love

God knows our hearts, our desires, our passions and He is so faithful to come and bring life in those moments we feel quite defeated. Kylee, Bre and I arrived at the school we would be teaching at and soon found out that our two older classes would be combined into one, on the account of one of the classrooms randomly turning into a storage room. Now we would somehow have to teach a group of around 500 girls; without microphones might I add! A bit of panic hit my stomach as I watched hundreds of girls flood into this room, packing it to the brim.  As everyone was getting settled in, pushing and shoving to find seats suddenly a little girl, probably around the age of nine or ten fought through the crowd, in the mists of chaos to reach out to Kylee. “I have a surprise for you!” she said excitedly as she handed Kylee and little folded up note she had personally written for her.

 “Oh I can’t wait to read it, thank you so much!” Kylee responded as bend down to pull her up into her arms.  As the crowd continued to pour in we soon realized there weren’t enough seats and girls would be sitting all over the floor. As I stood there, doing my best to keep smiling, while my nerves continued to get the best of me I suddenly realized, no matter what happens in this classroom today God is here! He is with us and we are not alone! In that moment my nerves ceased and nothing was going to stop us from having the best time even in all of the craziness! To sit back and laugh, giving it all to God, felt so good.  To smile and respond with love towards each child, knowing only God can do this was exciting, and I began to truly laugh.

Respect was the core of this lesson; basically if I’m valuable and cannot be bought or sold neither can my friends therefore I should not be trying to sell my friends. Overall after much shouting just to be heard, class was finally coming to an end. Today was one of the rough days, but after listening to them sing about respect and hearing them respond with some knowledge into what we had been trying to teach was a success. God is so faithful to bring encouragement in those perfect moments and at the end Kylee was again approached with another little note, crinkled up in the hands of a child!

 This little girl was around the age of 11 and she was so precious. She handed over the note, smiled and ran off quickly. Kylee and I were overjoyed in realizing that what we were doing was creating an impact and children were recognizing it!

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